"Beaux Arts of Central Florida is one of this area’s longstanding and most reputable artist’s groups. The caliber of the work produced by the experienced, seasoned artists in this group is remarkable. The range of media employed by the members – from oil painting, paper collage, watercolor, textile, ceramic, bronze and mixed media sculpture – is also impressive. With gorgeous sun-filled palettes in keeping with the vibrant landscapes of the Sunshine State, the works of art representing Beaux Arts of Central Florida are a living testimony to the vitality of the art scene in Florida. The Museum of Arts and Sciences is happy to be the host for their annual group exhibition, knowing that the art chosen for the exhibition will be first rate."

Ruth Grim
Chief Curator and Gary R. Libby Curator of Art
Museum of Arts and Sciences
Daytona Beach, Florida


"With the recently opened Nicole Stott Art Gallery in the Mori Hosseini Student Union, the Ambiguity exhibit by the Beaux Arts group has exposed the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University community to some of the most talented artists in our local area. Those viewing the Beaux Arts pieces are excited to experience vibrant and unique artistic expression in theme, design and application."

Kristy E Amburgey
Associate Director, Dean of student Office


You have only to read the comments left in our gallery’s guest book to know the impact that “Women at Play” has had on our community here in Mount Dora. Visitors have been greatly impressed by the variety and inventiveness of the exhibiting artists and have expressed genuine interest in keeping up with future Beaux Arts exhibits. Mount Dora Center for the Arts is honored to have partnered with this dynamically vibrant group of artists and we look forward to future collaborations.

Here are a list of some comments left in our gallery visitor log: “Great to see so many outstanding women artists!”, “Awesome Show!”, “Great exhibit!”, “Such an interesting exhibit.”, “Beautiful and inspiring”, “Great visit”, “Amazing Art!”, “Beautiful”, “Wonderful, diverse, inventive work!”.

Chelsey Velilla, Gallery Manager, MDCA


It was an enormous pleasure to start our year with Beaux Arts of Central Florida as our gallery feature. The breath of this showcase was phenomenal. It was as if the artist created not only with each other, but in response to one another. The energy flowed along the gallery wall as textures and color pallets melted into one another, yet each piece left an individual impression on the viewer.

The artists of Beaux arts are professionals in their field who believe that success is only real when shared. They work together and help one another exceed their expectations through their energy, inspiration, and feedback.

Make Beaux arts your featured showcase or meet one of the artists. You are sure to find something you like as this is a large group of professional fine artists who all have different styles, methods, materials, and themes in their work. Thank you Beaux arts for sharing your work with us.

The staff of Frame of Mind Gallery