Beaux Arts was organized in 1962 in the dining room of the YWCA on South Beach Street in Daytona Beach, FL.  The name “Beaux Arts” was chosen in order to encompass all cultural arts in the future – writing, music, dance, etc. – hence “Beaux.”  Daytona was a small provincial town with little or no cultural programs.  We were dedicated as a group, to the dictates of Modern Art, and, we elected our teacher (and guiding light) Lu Belmont to be our 1st President.

Those present (that I can remember): Lu Belmont, Lorraine Hessel, Ida Ball, Iase Gload, Sophia Meyerson, Sara Fisher, Nell Lincoln, Margaret Long and her daughter Kathy Harrington, Peg Mieth, Edith Brown, Robbie Hunt, Marribelle Jamison, Jewel Nick, Alma Owen, Ernest Kucher, Jo St. John, Gussie Bosley.